1. The procurement board consists of 3 members.
    1. Divisional Secretary (Chairman)
    2. Accountant (Member)
    3. Accountant, Balapitiya Divisional Secretariat (Member)
  2. The Technical Evaluation Committee consists of three members.
    1. Development Projects (Construction)
      1. Assistant Divisional Secretary (Chairman)
      2. Assistant Director - Planning (Member)
      3. Technical Officers (Member)
    2. For other procurement purposes, the Head of the Institution appoints Technical Evaluation Committees.
  3. Procurement Plan
    1. View : To enhance the quality of life of the people of the division through an efficient, efficient procurement process.
    2. Mission : Providing maximum benefits to the people in the division through the Procurement of transparent Public Financial Regulations to ensure maximum economic benefits.
    3. Objectives :
      1. Provision of speedily services and provision of goods
      2. Transparency and authenticity of procurement
      3. Follow the prescribed standards, specifications, rules and regulations
      4. Reduce resource wastage
    4. Tasks
      1. Establishment of Procurement Committees
        1. Appointing an officer involved in the procurement process and assigning duties
        2. Recommendations to the members of the Procurement Board and referring to the District Secretary
        3. Obtaining the approval of District Secretary
      2. Identify and obtain approvals for the necessary goods, services and project needs for the relevant period
      3. Request for provision for procurement purposes
      4. Registration of Suppliers and Contractors
      5. Implementation of the procurement action plan
        1. Preparation of procurement documents
        2. Call bidding
        3. Pricing evaluation
        4. Procurement decision making
        5. Commodity orders and awarding of contracts
        6. Distribution of purchased equipment and follow-up
        7. Contract Monitoring and Follow-up
        8. Payments (Suppliers and Contractors)
  4. Procurement Requirements
    1. Office Equipment
    2. Project Equipment
    3. Bulding Contracts
  5. Procurement Method
    1. Market price comparison method
    2. A limited competitive method
    3. Re-ordering method

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