Administrative Division

Goal "Strengthening the organizational structure through a satisfied staff"
Main Functions
  1. Counter-Signing and certifying of Grama Niladari certificates
  2. Renewal of License
  3. Issue of income certificates
  4. Issuing of timber transport license
  5. Matters relating to National Identity Card
  6. Issuing liquor license
  7. Permits of Jaggery / Palm tree licenses
  8. Charging of examination fees
  9. Issuing of animal transport permit
  10. Issuing gun license
  11. Business Name Registration
  12. Issuing permits for stone / sand transportation

Social Services Division


"Social Development through Providing Relief for Non-Benifits and Affected Disabled People"

Main Functions
  1. Assistance and equipments for disabled persons
  2. Issuing Elders Identity Cards
  3. Disaster Relief Services / Disaster Management
  4. Cultural activities
  5. Buddhist activities
  6. Mediation Boards
  7. Social Services
  8. Probation and Child Care Activities
  9. Early Childhood Development
  10. Women's development activities
  11. Sports
  12. Activities related to National Integration
  13. Activities related to foreign employment
  14. Community Correction
  15. Human resource development activities
  16. Issuing Public Assistance / Relief Assistance
  17. Referring President's Fund for surgery

Planning Division

Goal "Achieving a qualitative development through proper planning"
Main Functions
  1. Implementation of key programs relevant to the development plan
    1. Decentralized development programs
    2. Linear development programs of line ministries
    3. Provincial development programs
    4. Rural Infrastructure Development Programs
    5. Other Development Programs
  2. Other Line Ministries Affairs (Provincial Council and Central Government)
    1. Implementation of development programs in agriculture /animal husbandry /fisheries / housing / tourism sector
    2. Implementation of Development Programs in Environment / Coast Conservation Division
    3. Rural Economic Development
    4. Science & Technology
    5. Enterprise development activities
    6. Export Development Activities
    7. Rural Development Activities
    8. Small irrigation development activities
    9. Census and statistics
    10. Environment related activities
  3. Implementation of Division operational Committee meetings
    1. Conducting the Divisional Coordinating Committee
    2. Conducting the Divisional Agriculture Committee
    3. Conducting the Environmental Committee
    4. Conductingthe Divisional Nutrition Committee
    5. Conducting the Food Security Committee
  4. Registration of contractors and construction companies and union contracts
  5. Preparation of estimates for development projects
  6. Supervision of the activities of the Development Officers attached to the divisions

Accounts Division

Goal "Implement and Maintain Financial Transactions in a Transparent Account"
Main Functions
  1. Procurement
  2. All matters relating to payments
  3. Conducting audit queries
  4. Prepare financial statements
  5. Matters related to pension

Registrar Division

Goal "Let’s save certificates from person childhood to death"
Main Functions
  1. Registration of marriage
  2. Issuing copies of birth certificates
  3. Issue of copies of marriage certificates
  4. Issuing of copy of death certificate
  5. Amendment of the birth certificate
  6. Registration of post births
  7. Registration of post deaths

Special Notice - Our Registrar Division has facilitated the issue of all birth, marriage and death certificates of the country from 1960 to 2010. Furthermore, copies of Birth, Marriage and Death certificates are issued only from Colombo to Gampaha and Kurunegala districts from 1960 to 2015.

Land Division

Goal "Legally inheriting State land rights to the people by managing the land resources appropriately"
Main Functions
  1. All activities under the Land Development Ordinance
  2. All activities carried out under the State Land Ordinance
  3. Activities related to the State's Land Possession Act
  4. Issue of lands for acquiring lands for the acquisition / acquisition of state lands
  5. Land block demonstrations, land mapping
  6. Holding State Land Data Systems
  7. Bim Saviya
  8. Conducting land Kachcheri
  9. Recovery of land tax 

Samurdhi Division

Goal "Contributing to the economic development of the country by increasing the living standards of low income people"
Main Functions
  1. Providing Samurdhi benefits
  2. Implement social security programs
  3. Housing lottery program
  4. Diriya Piyasa Housing Program
  5. Sipdora Scholarship Program
  6. Implementation of the program of establishment
  7. Implementation of infrastructure
  8. Launching loan programs
  9. Implementation of savings promotion programs

Motor Traffic Division

Goal "Quick service without time waste"
Main Functions
  1. Issue of vehicle revenue license
  2. Issuing conductor license
  3. Issuing notices of non-use
  4. Non-disclosure

Special Notice - The division has provided the public with the facility of issuing all vehicle revenue licenses within the Southern Province.

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Training Course for Women Like you...!!

Training Course for Women Like you...!! ***Absouletly...

Blood Donation Campaign - 2018.10.30

Blood Donation Campaign - 2018.10.30

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