Administrative Division

How to arrival to the Bentota Divisional Secretariat office?

  • When arriving from Colombo, a distance of 03 km  should pass from Aluthgama town & Starting from Galle it is 69 km away from Galle Road. our office is located  adjacent to the Bentota Pradeshiya Sabha.

Should owner be present when registering business names?

  • The owner of the business is compulsory to arrival and should bring the National Identity Card.

What are the documents to be submitted when obtaining a timber transportation license?

  • for the transport of limited timber, the divisional forest officer should forward the recommendation to the site forest office.
  • Permits are granted by the Divisional Secretary for the transport of up to 02 authorized trees
  • If you want to transport jackfruit, breadfruits or female palmyra trees,
    • Wood transport application
    • Wood cutting license issued to the applicant
    • A copy of the land deed of wood
    • If the applicant is not owner of the land on which the timber is located, the receipt for the purchased timber will be paid
    • Letter from the Grama Niladhari mentioning the date and time of the transport
    • Affidavit if there is a tree transported in non-declared lands or deeds
    • 03 copies of the timber list certified by the Grama Niladari
    • A sum of Rs.168 / = should be made to obtain the license.
    • The license applicant should sign.
    • The road used for transporting timber shall be the shortest route to transport.
    • The original transport license should be issued for timber transported from another area.
    • If a joint land agreement partners certified by GS

What are the documents required to obtain a timber felling permit?

  • Certified and duly filled application of the Grama Niladari
  • A copy of the land deed of subject land (certified by the Grama Niladari)
  • Copy of the plan of land located in subject tree (The Grama Niladari should be certified by recording the locations of the tree)
  • An affidavit attached to a stamp of Rs. 50 / - if aprivate land or Non-rented landfrom deeds.
  • If the plan has not been prepared, the outline of the land taken by the Grama Niladhari
  • If the partners have a voluntary letter of their will
  • The affidavit submitted should state the following:
    • Proprietor's name
    • About Right granted
    • Boundaries of the land
    • About clear Possession
    • It should be mentioned that problems arise in cutting and transport issues will be exempted from government officials.

What are the documents to be submitted at the time of obtaining a original copy or duplicate copy or a revision copy of the National Identity Card?

  • The following should be submitted for confirmation of birthday
    • Birth Certificate
    • A note abstract from the birth certificate
    • Proof of date of birth along with the probable age certificate (birth of a child, school leaving certificate, estate leave certificate, a certified copy of a horscope, citizenship certificate, affidavit certificate)
    • Birth certificate of the age of 50 persons, who do not have birth certificate or probable age, note showing the blank result released by the additional District Registrar or acceptable written evidence to prove the name and date of birth (child birth certificate, school leaving certificate, estate leave Certificate, certified copy of horoscope, citizenship certificate, elders ID) must be submitted.
  • To confirm the posts (if necessary)
    • Service certificate issued in less than 06 months if service in the public service
    • Service certificate issued within a period of not less than 01 month if private service
    • To include post of  Medical, Engineering, Lawyer, Chartered Accountant or Architecher Design should submitcertificate of graduate certificate or professional qualification certificate.
    • The letter of the directors of the business and the letter issued by the company to be mentioned as the chairman or CEO of the business or as the director of the business
    • Retiree identity card and retirement letter to insert as retired
    • If buddhist monk, novice certificate or ordination certificate obtained from the Department of Buddhist Affairs
    • Certificates obtained through relevant departments for other religious priests
  • If the stamp value is Rs.15 / - (the first time only), when the age is less than 17 years, the stamps should be Rs.13.00 if the age is 17 years.
  • If you obtain only National Identity Card under normal service Rs. 35 / - should be produced stamped envelope (name and address without mentioning).
  • 03 ICAO standard photographs with 35 mm width and 45 mm height
  • Marriage certificate (for husband's surname)
  • To include other names, written evidence and affidavits should be used.
  • A dual citizenship certificate of persons with dual citizenship or a photocopy certified by the Divisional Secretary
  • If born in a foreign country, the original certificate issued by the Department of Immigration and Emigration to the citizenship of Sri Lanka or the certified photocopy of Divisional Secretary
  • An affidavit to substantiate a difference in the name
  • If the age exceeds 17 years and the first time the Identity Card is applied for, a fine of Rs.250 / - will be charged.
  • An affidavit should be forwarded with the application form for those who do not have birth certificate but registerd in electoral registers.
  • When obtaining a copy of the National Identity Card,
    • The original copy of the police complaint that the identity card was lost
    • Written evidence that the relevant number was used (bank statements etc.)
    • If unknown ID number, A statement that the number had been obtained before
  • When obtaining an amendment identity card,
    • Old Identity Card
    • Evidence that the identity card number was used if the identity card number and the name are unclear
  • When obtaining identity cards under one day services,
    • The completed application should be certified by the Grama Niladhari and taken personally to the Department of Registration of Persons with the signature of the Divisional Secretary. (10th floor, suhurupaya, Battaramulla) and also take the letter of authorization if a relative.
    • One day service fee is Rs.1000 / -

Social Services Division

How to get nutrition allowance of Rs.2000/- for pregnant mothers?

  • You can obtain an application from the Early Childhood Development Officer or relevant officer of the Divisional Secretariat which maternity clinic you attended before the pregnancy expires 3 months.

How to register a non-governmental organization?

  • One year after the begining of NGO, can be register when submit relevant documents.

What are the eligibility requirements for adult assistance?

  • Should have completed 70 years of age on the date of apply
  • Family income should be  Rs. 3000 or less
  • One person may apply for this (husband or wife)

Additional District Registrar

How to get Birth, Marriage or Death certificates?

  • If the document number and date of birth or marriage, death certificates are known, certicate fees is Rs.100.00
  • If the document number and date of birth or marriage, death certificates are unknown, certicate fees is Rs.200.00
  • Currently, all Island birth or marriage, death certificates can be issue from our office (Only year from 1960 to 2010)

How to register of birth?

  • To register of a normal birth should be meet relevant registrar (Birth) of the division within three months prior to the birth
  • You should contact the Additional District Registrar for registration of births which were three months old and obtain relevant information.

How to amendment in birth certificate?

  • Visit the Additional District Registrar Office

Pension Division

How can paid WOP after the death of a civil pensioner?

  • First, get the death certificate of the pensioner and stop the pension.
  • If you have more paid salary, contact the bank to receive it.
  • Then inform the relevant person to bring the following documents.
    • Original copy of the death certificate of the pensioner
    • The original copy of the widow's certificate
    • Original marriage certificate
    • A photocopy of the widow's bank account book
    • Photocopy of the Widow's Identity Card
    • A photocopy of a widow orphan card or a widow orphan number
    • Duly completed PD04 form
    • Two color passport size photos certified by the Grama Niladari
    • All photocopies of the above documents should be certified by the Grama Niladari.
  • After that, updating the widow's pension using above information through the online database

Why is stop pensioner's pension?

  • Stop the pension for not issuing the Life Certificate/assurance for the relevant year.
  • Inform the life certificate after attending the pensioner and inform Grama Niladhari should be certified life certificate/assurance and brought there.
  • Updated pension after the return of life Certificate/assurance given.
  • Going abroad,disregarding the Divisional Secretariat Office
  • For some reason, the pensioner would be imprisoned
  • The pensioner's pension document from the institution where the pensioner had been retired within 3 months has not been received to relevant divisional secretariat.

Why is not payment of pension to the heirs after the death of the widow?

  • No provision provide from the Widows' Orphans Pension Act

What are the details to get for the railway warrents?

  • The PD07 form has to be registered through the Online Service. The general form 247 should request the railway warrant.
  • No railway warrants are issued to the recipients of the subsistence allowance and to the guardians of the orphans
  • Both should only be registered as one of the pensioners and all of the family members belong to the highest class that owns both.
  • You will receive two sets per flight or four single flights per year
  • There is no age limit. Unemployment of unemployed children can also be obtained. Unmarried and unemployed should be certified by the Grama Niladari.
  • If parents and brothers and sisters who depend on unmarried names can be obtain railway warrants. The income of the parents and siblings should be certified by the Grama Niladari.

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