Urgent Development Needs in Bentota Division

Disposal of Garbage

Preparation of a systematic plan for disposing garbage collection related to the suburban area of Bentota division and tourist hotels. (It has been proposed to launch such a recycling program at No. 40A, Kotabendahena Grama Niladhari Division)

Construction of a Permanent Concrete Bridge

Construction of a permanent concrete bridge in place of the existing bridges in the Mahagoda Grama Niladari Division (No. 14) connected with Bentota and Kalutara District as a major development requirement in the Bentota Division. (The construction of the bridge will help Welipenna access to the Southern Expressway)

Development of Roads

There are several roads to carpet and develop in the Bentota division and the development of these roads has enabled the people in the division to make their work more efficient and productive. The following is a road network that should be carpeted and developed.

a. No 40B Hippawaththa main road

b. The road from thuduwa junction to Gonagalpura GS division

c. Galbada Bandaranayaka Mawatha

d. Habakkala main road

e. Kaikawala Miriswatta main road

f. Yalegama Miriswatta Main Road

g. From the Kajugasuduwa junction (40D Ihalamalawala), up to Uragasmanhandiya

Bridge Construction

New bridge construction and repair of the dilapidated condition of bridges to facilitate transport in Bentota division. The bridges to be developed under this program are as follows.

  • Dope - Kurumitigoda Bridge (15m Length of the bridge)
  • Moragoda - Kalugal Ela Bridge (15m Length of the bridge)
  • Hipanwatta - Diyaparaduwa Bridge (12m Length of the bridge)
  • Gonagala - Thuduwa Bridge (7m Length of the bridge)
  • Kotuwabendahena - There is a need to build a new bridge on the main road
  • Dope - Horaduwa Bridge
  • Maha Uragaha & Kuda Uragaha - The bridge across the Bataduwa canal

Playground and Seminar Hall

There is no general playground and an entire seminar hall for the bentota division and a suitable land for this is located at the grounds of Baliwala in the Puhurumulla Grama Niladhari Division

Flood Threats

  • The access to the main road from Bentota Elpitiya to Arachchimulla may be threatened even flood with small rainfalls. It is necessary to prepare the drainage system urgently.

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  • Along with the flood threatened in Maha Uragaha - Ranthotuwila main road, Wiyanduwa, Moragoda low lying area of the Kalugal Stream and Naudu Ela around Ranthotuwila, It is necessary to raise several feet in relation to the water source.

Cultivation of Other Crops

Conducting other crops cultivations in fallow paddy lands due to the increase in the salinity in the paddy cultivation areas of the Bentota division.

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